Today counts as much as tomorrow!

It’s been a long minute and honestly it’s such a joy to be here scrapping off the dust that had slowly been gathering. Truth be told, writing this post is something I absolutely don’t take for granted. You see, I’ve been so lazy to write. And lazy not in the sense of no strength but maybe I’ve mostly been escaping from sitting with my feelings and thought process. Writing is therapy but therapy is also like medicine I think, and some days are tough that you just want to run away even from the thing that might heal you.

This week though, I finally gathered the courage to pick up my journals and just get rid of the elephant in the room. That space for me was like a light bulb moment session. You know how you certain to become familiar with certain things that leaves you in a space of conformity to the norm. Where uncertainty starts to feel like home or discouragement begins to feel like your haven because you’ve been more on the downside that you forgot there was ever even an upside. That has mostly been the mood, dragging my feet through the day, doing the bare minimum, often throwing pity parties and not even being phased by it one bit.

Until something switched…or maybe my attitude shifted. Anyways so one of the things that reminded me to be present even on days when it’s rain and muddy, was the fact that today is as important as tomorrow. Or let me put it this way, tomorrow is a series of mini-today’s because that’s where they lead up. So, while you’re hoping for a better tomorrow, praying that the sun will be brighter, looking forward to when everything is falling in to place and also those things you envision about tomorrow…truth is, you must make today count.

As much as your current situation may not look as glamorous as what you’ve pictured or are praying tomorrow will look like; you must pay attention to the present and find a way to make it count. Know why? , well because today is what you have before you and what you squeeze out of it is everything you’ll get. If you choose to focus on discouragement, that’s what it will be about. If you choose to be bitter about it, resentment will be the fruit. If you choose to wallow, be sure that pity parties will be the norm. If you choose to give up, hopelessness is what you’ll get.

In essence, your attitude and mindset will shape the picture you see today and who knows it might as well paint the canvas of what your tomorrow turns out to be. So while you’re busy fantasying about tomorrow, don’t ignore today because it’s what sets the pace. Enjoy where you are while you’re on the journey to where your going. Will it be rosy, heck not!, definitely expect some thorns but a bumpy road can still get you to your intended destination. Finding potholes along the way doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road.

I was listening to either a song or a teaching two weeks back [forgive my Dori the Fish memory] actually on second thought I think it was a sharing in the song. So this guy said how imagine if a mountain were smooth, would it be easy to climb? [Think about it ]. Rather, it’s the rough edges it has that give you a firm grip as you climb. Yooooooo that hit home and changed my perspective. Sometimes the very thing you’re despising is the one that will actually help you to keep going.

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Fast forward to yesterday, I listened to the Elevation Church sermon [Wasted rain], do check their pages mostly YouTube and listen in if you haven’t already. Anyways one of my take aways from it was when Pastor Steven said, “when storms come, be a student ; learn.” Fun fact, am usually those people even when I sense that it’s threatening to rain, am already finding an escape plan to shelter and doing whatever I can not to get caught in the rain. So listening to that for me was a real light bulb moment. It’s as if God was reminding me to stay and stick out. Sometimes the place you think you’re running to find refuge won’t even shelter you. And the thing you’re running from is what you actually need to help you grow. I’m learning that rain can be refreshing, restoring, healing and it all just depends on the perspective you have.

Mahn, meanwhile this year it has really rained storms, hailstones…I think even Tsunami’s lol. But somehow we are still here and that’s worth celebrating. I know they say when it rains it pours but well every storm runs out of rain eventually. As cliche as it might sound, this too shall pass [insert whatever you’re dealing with] and tell yourself you’ll rise from it. Let me leave you with something a wise friend was told me [because it’s teachable moments session after all].

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In her words, “When all you can see is deep dark blue waters around you, you’ll begin to focus on the depth and dangers that lie there, the sharks, creepy crawlies and all the things that can cause you harm. What happens then, you cannot swim. You can’t keep your head up because your eyes want to look down and see and be sure that bone of those things is upon you. Panic sets in when our mind visualises danger. When you panic in deep waters, you drown if the life guard isn’t paying attention or if he’s not strong enough to lift you out. When your eyes are on the shore where they should be, you focus all your energies on getting there. You forget that the water has harmful creatures, you just keep swimming and swimming till you get there.”

Just revisiting those words from her email has me wondering, what are you swimming to and what are you swimming from? Because as you swim to the shore, you are also swimming away from danger. Also thankfully, God’s Grace abounds in deepest waters, He won’t let us drown. However we must not panic. You know when you panic, you are more prone to drowning. If you have swam before am sure you’d agree to this because even when the life guard jumps in to save you, he first lets you fidget until you calm down.

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On that note, allow me leave you with Isaiah 41:10

Fear not , for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous hand.

Fear not indeed, God’s gatchu…happy swimming! Otherwise I hope you have been well even while I was away and if not, I hope our light bulb session here helps you switch the light on in the dark places you’ve been camping in. Also, it feels good to be back [insert happy shaku shaku dance]. What have you been learning while I was away? Do share if you don’t mind let’s give each other tips on how we can dance in the rain from the storms of this life. Lastly, happy new month or more like months because yoooo it’s been long and I haven’t passed along these wishes. Here’s to finishing strong regardless! Remember to make each day count even as you hope for the best tomorrow.

Published by: Dee Gash

My story...your story...our stories make up our history that will live on long even after our journey on earth ends! Let’s keep it written! I am all about this Writing Life...I believe we all have a story to tell and this is my version! I’m humbled that you get to read it. Take a seat and let’s hear from each other.

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