Something’s cooking on these streets

Hey hey my lovely bloggeren family. It’s been a long minute. My writing mojo has been in hibernation but I’m back in full swing, trying to dust a few cobwebs that had started forming here. Meanwhile, before I give you all the tea concerning the awesome ideas I’ve been cooking for you, I’d like to send a special digital round of applause and happy dance to my fellow bloggren that took part in the WinterABC challenge by AfroBloggers. You are troopers and I celebrate your resilience because writing consistently is no walk in the park. Well done!

Also it’s officially July [insert lingala dance], you can tell by now that I’m in such a happy mood. It’s my birth month and for the first time in history, I’m exuberant about it. In the spirit of celebration, I come bearing good tidings for you my bloggren family. I’m gifting you a switch up in my content and I hope you’ll love it because I’ve been busy in hibernation thinking of all the ways to give you the very best.

If you are new to these “Everything Written” streets, welcome home and for you that has been on this journey with me, I can’t thank you enough and don’t take it for granted. I’d like to announce to you that we are growing, yay. On that note, let me spill that tea of how in just a bit. But first let’s jubilate about July showing up with fab vibes despite the year that tweny tweny has been so far. Regardless, we move!

So, drum roll; tutunduuuu…I’m introducing four new awesome sections on the blog that we’ll be journeying through together each month. May the God of consistency flood it my way because I’m going to need every ounce of it. But yeah, today’s post is basically to introduce each of these to you and give you a snippet of what they’ll be about.

1. Open Letters

Anyone that knows me closely or has followed the posts on here can attest that it’s no news how deeply I love letters. Receiving them warms my heart and writing them tickles it even more. My friends can tell you how much I flood letters their way. I usually like it hard copy style where you can smell the ink on paper but with the social distance hard times we are living in; digital letters have had to work and they’ve been like magical hugs during lockdown. I’m the kind that will smile widely after receiving a long email that’s actually nothing serious but a thoughtfully written letter. These brighten my day no matter what funk I’m in.

Source: Google

Just thought I’d put it out there in case you’re wondering how open letters work. I’d like to believe that they are kinda anonymous letters taking on the as if “to whom it may concern style.” And I thought of sharing this with you because I have a bunch of letters in my draft notes on my phone that I sometimes write to myself and others are those I’ve written in different seasons or to people and sort of never get to deliver them. I’m the kind that purges emotions through writing so you can bet with the way emotions have been oscillating this lockdown season, I have plenty. I absolutely can’t wait to share these with you and the hope is that they’ll send a digital hug or lesson or much needed relatable thoughts to whoever might need them at the time.

2. Dose of affirmation

Again, for those that follow me closely especially on my Social Media especially WhatsApp and Instagram, you know that your girl is thee affirmation bae as my girly Fioneezy likes to call me [so kind and sweet of her]. For these, I have a number of quotes I’ve curated over time that are from my random moments of pondering, lessons I’m learning or observations I’m making. However I’ll blend these with affirmation I usually pick from podcasts I listen to or quotes I see online and then share my thoughts on them in ways that can encourage, inspire and teach. So help me God.

Source: Google

The hope is still for someone out there to find reason to keep going or feel cheered on especially when life knocks you down as it often will. Think of it as the “Everything Written-support encouragement-group”, who doesn’t love a support group?, I know I do! We all need a little reminder every once in a while to help us hold on even if we are hanging to the last thread of the rope. If that’s you and you could use some encouragement especially in the times we are in, take a seat here, this is about to be your space. Important to mention is the fact that I often draw a lot of encouragement from God’s Word too so I’ll be sharing lessons from my study as well in this section, wuhuuuu I’m so excited.

3. Cup of gratitude tales

I feel like I’m saying this a lot [hides face] but again for those that have been following me closely on Social Media [I think I should leave my handles in this post at the end because I realized I share a lot there too] but gratitude is like second nature to me. I’m a firm believer of counting your blessings because they kinda take the focus off all your problems as well as shift your attitude and remind you that regardless, life is beautiful and worth celebrating. I think I shared in a post here about my journey with gratitude journaling & keeping a thanksgiving jar. But I’ll double check and in case I haven’t yet, be sure that I’ll definitely share about it in this section. Get ready for overflow because as you count your blessings no matter the seasons, you’ll realize how countless your blessings are!

Source: Pinterest

4. Light bulb moment

I usually have these moments either as I meditate or read something, watch TV/ vlogs and during conversations with different people in my circles. So this section will basically entail book reviews, lessons from vlogs I’ve watched or podcasts I have listened to and life in general. I will also share from chats I usually have especially with my friends [shoutout to them because mahn they grace me with their wisdom during our catchups ] so I’ll share some of those with you so we can learn and grow together. I’m a firm believer that sharing is caring and care about you my bloggren family [wink*wink] so why not spill these wisdom tea your way? If not, why not!

Source: Pinterest

That’s about it and all the awesomeness I’ve been preparing for you while in my hibernation season. I hope my hiding away from these streets has had a beautiful comeback for each for you. I believe in feedback and appreciate it highly so please if you don’t mind, get in to the comment section and share with me how you are feeling about these new good tidings on the “Everything Written” street. Also happy hapy happy new month of July, clearly you can tell that I’m oozing happiness and I pray that this month will bring the same your way in plenty. What is your plan for this month? Do share if you don’t mind, I’d like to cheer you on but also learn and be inspired by you. I believe that we grow better together.

In other news, if you’d like to follow me on Social Media for some highlights I don’t get to share on here or would like to get up close and personal digitally, you can follow me here;

Facebook: Palito Dee Gash

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And in case you’re curious, which I think you are, [hides face]. Palito Dee Gash are my nicknames coined from each name that is: Palito for Pearl, Dee for Denise and Gash for Agasha my surname. Otherwise, thanks for always reading; you keep me writing and that warms my heart immensely…sending digital happy hugs your way, please receive them with love.

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My story...your story...our stories make up our history that will live on long even after our journey on earth ends! Let’s keep it written! I am all about this Writing Life...I believe we all have a story to tell and this is my version! I’m humbled that you get to read it. Take a seat and let’s hear from each other.

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  1. Pearly warrrrllllllyyy!!!! First time here, have already booked my sit in the comfy couch in this Everything Written room. Something I can add to be thankful for.
    God bless

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