Of blogging challenges and lessons

It’s been a minute my lovely bloggren family. If you’re reading this, I hope you are well and in case you’re not, I’m sending a big virtual hug. I hope that you’ll be gracious and kind to yourself. Allow yourself to breathe as you take each day at a time. These tough times will pass too and hopefully we shall come out stronger.

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Allow me welcome you from the #UGblogMonth and for those that have been part of the Everything Written family, I’m sure you’re aware about the #lockdown challenge too that I took part in. And before I get in to the gist of sharing lessons from both challenges. Allow me make a huge round of applause to you my lovely readers, without you reading, commenting and generally cheering me on, this wouldn’t have be a worthwhile journey. As the Ubuntu say, I am because we are and so I thank you.

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Can I be honest? The first time I was tagged in the post about doing the first blog challenge that run for 21 days, I mentally thought to myself how there was no way I was going to pull through writing for all those days. It seemed extremely impossible but then again, we were in lockdown with plenty of time so I didn’t have quite many reasonable excuses. Plus I love a challenge, I’m always excited to see how I’ll thrive through it and even when I don’t, my heart rests better knowing I tried. As such I decided, why not and my oh my, I’m glad I made the decision to take part because it helped me grow in much needed ways. Also it was perfect time to clean house on this street the cobwebs from my silence were getting to many. That was motivation number one.

Consistency thrives with intentionality

This journey taught me that consistency is possible and not only for those who breathe flavored oxygen haha. I also realized that being struggling to be consistent wasn’t the root issue, it was just a symptom of a bigger disease which was lack of intentionality. And the truth is, once you set an intention to do something, somehow your mind and entire being find a way to align with your decision. However if you are not being intentional about something in this case consistency, it’s like trying to drive a car on an empty tank. The fuel to consistency is intentionality. And somehow when you are intentional you become deliberate in making time for things you’d have easily excused yourself from.

No man is an Island

The other thing this journey re-emphasized or reminded me of was the fact that there’s power in community. Just knowing that your experiences are not just for you and in sharing them someone is able to relate and you can learn from them too. It also allowed me digitally meet many other bloggers in this community and interact with their minds. Imagine I’d look forward to each blog prompt day because I was curious to read what others were writing. It was interesting how we’d each have the same topic kinda like a book title but our content was diverse and I found that pretty awesome. I learnt that with networking, it opens you to a whole new world where you’re not afraid to share your craft but most importantly are able to better yourself by learning from others.

Impossible is just a word

I know it may seem easier said than done but if you think about it, sometimes it’s not that we are not able to do something. Maybe it’s because we have constrained our minds with lies we are whispering to ourselves. It’s important the stories we tell ourselves because no one can believe for you a thing you haven’t trained your mind to actualize. And sometimes part of convincing yourself comes from the journey of pursuit in that narrative you are trying to make a reality. I’m learning that for example with writing, the only way to grow or overcome your hurdles is by writing. The solution to the problem is in the process. I know we all go through episodes of writer’s block, I honestly have or even imposter syndrome. But the best way to win in those seasons os writing through them. You can write about where your headspace is at in the moment, your struggles, just write. It may not always have to be up on the blog but as long as it’s written somewhere then you’re good. By now you know I’m the ambassador for everything written and I believe that in writing it kinda gives you clarity. Or when you look back you’re able to track progress as you read where your mind was at the time.

I learnt a lot from these blog challenges but ultimately, I was reminded that I can do hard things. The beauty with that is the fact that it seems hard at the start but as you step out to do it, you realize it’s actually achievable. And then you begin to enjoy the entire journey. Somehow the thing that terrified you becomes a myth. See the thing with fear is that if you keep running away from it, it literally chases after you. Then when you finally brace yourself to face it, it runs away for dear life. We are not cowards, fear is. So don’t be afraid to face your fears because in doing so, you get to overcome them. My favourite Hillsong song ‘Not Today’ has a line I like that says “fear is just a liar running out of breath”, oh what truth!

In other news, in the spirit of keeping everything written, I have something cooking for you on this Everything Written street of ours. Just keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be sharing all the tea real soon. Otherwise thanks for reading and making this journey worthwhile. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and remember to practice #BPR [Breathe, Pray, Relax]. Till next time, stay safe my bloggren family.

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10 thoughts on “Of blogging challenges and lessons”

  1. This is the beauty of blogging challenges it opens you up to a whole new world, I probably would have never known of you nor you of me, but here we are brought together by blogging challenges
    I have discovered from blogging challenges that they help you learn about yourself as a blogger, tackling through the topics might help you come up with how you want your own blog to grow


    PS and there’s no rest for the wicked, another blogging challenge starting two weeks

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  2. Thank you for this.
    True, Blogging challenges really do it.
    I finally decided what I wanted to narrow down to and write on from a 30 day blog challenge in 2017.

    And true about consistency strives with intebtuonality.
    I have also become more intentional about doing things and following them.
    And true about strength in community.
    It opens you up to diversity and shows how similar with are in our differences.

    Thank you for this

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  3. This is amazing Dee, you have said some of my things. These challenges really open you up to the process of learning and unlearning through reading other people’s work and networking. Still finding my feet in consistency, but a glad that am.not where I used to be. Yes to BPR, thanks gal.

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