Scars, Wounds and healing

They say, for a wound to heal, you have to stop touching it. I wonder though, why a scar itches even after the ‘said wounds’ have healed. Does the itching signify that actual healing is in the process? Does it imply that the final stages of healing are underway? Well, i honestly don’t know. It’s pretty strange that itching is a feeling we cannot ignore. No wonder, you often find yourself scratching a little and sometimes a bit too much. I guess it all depends on the intensity of the itch.

However, as you scratch that scar, hopefully you’ll try to be gentle because the skin that was once upon a time injured, might still be a little tender and still in the process of trying to recover its toughness. Scratching it harder might cause it to bleed and you may find yourself in a state where you’ll need to nurse the wounds afresh. Yet again, i’m not sure if it’s intentional for us to be gentle or rough as we attend to that itchy feeling of our scars.

Sometimes i like to think that it’s all part of the process down to the journey of healing. So what if you scratch harder than intended and you find yourself bleeding afresh? At least, there’s some honesty in that. I mean, you felt the itchiness and didn’t try to pretend like it did not exist. You had to attend to it in order for it to cool off and hopefully go away completely. But if you are able to scratch tenderly, then, good for you. And if it itches a bit too much and you find yourself scratching the scar till it bleeds, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Like i said, its all part of the process. Truth is, we all process things differently.

For some people it happens effortlessly quickly, for others it takes time and for some, it happens all so slowly and a little more weighty. One thing is for sure in all this, pain demands to be felt. And if we’re ever going to fully overcome it and experience true healing, then we’ve got to face it. We have to embrace the process, and not just bits and pieces of it but, the entire package. Because if we pay attention to the process, then we’ll be able to progress and appreciate it. Maybe then, we can get some lessons out of it. Nonetheless, we’ve got to be honest and real about it.

True fighters face their wars and go to battle because it’s in the battle field that they can have a chance of conquering the enemy and coming out stronger or as winners. You might get hurt while in battle, but if you come out alive, that right there is victory my friend. Regardless of whether or not you brought the trophy with you back home. At least, you didn’t die in the battle field, it was definitely training of sorts and, you might not realise it but it surely made you stronger. Next time you will go back to the front lines of the battle with more skill, strength and courage up yourselves. So keep fighting and hold on, victory is on its way!


Dear October, please be gentle with us. Thanks for reading thus far and i hope that you are doing great in this month of October. Whatever you trying to overcome, may victory finds its way to you:-)

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