Naturally as human beings, its usually so easy to focus on the things that seem to agigitate you or cause your mind to worry. You find that most of the time your trying to solve those problems that are endlessly running through your mind.
Truthfully, most of the time we may not even have the solutions or better still, the power to change those not-so-good situations in our lives.
That is why we tend to loose ourselves in the process of trying to unravel the mystery in a bid to find some sort of explanation as to why things are going the way they are.
However, we forget that focussing on the problems of life not only robs your joy but it also wears out your strength especially emotionally and, it makes you forget how blessed you are.
For some reason, we find ourselves mixed up in the mess that maybe going on that we pay no attention to even just the mere breath of life which is reason enough for us to be grateful…
That right there my friend, is a blessing in itself because, blessings often come in the smallest of packages in that, failure to recognize them yields to missing out on the beauty of life.
So, instead of wasting your emotions and energy on the problems you have, focus on the blessings which makes life count.
It doesn’t always have to be something so outstanding for it to be a blessing because,even the fact that you are able to walk, eat, smile,sleep, wake up-is enough proof that you undeniably have reason to be thankful.
So the next time you’re stressed or worked up about an issue, take a deep breath, relax, smile and remember that you are blessed beyond measure. Walk in that truth and let it give you peace because hey, life is what you make it-it’s up to you and it all starts in your mind.
Choose happiness…Choose joy and watch yourself sail through life like a conquerer regardless of any issues or problems you might and above all Count your blessings

Published by: Dee Gash

My story...your story...our stories make up our history that will live on long even after our journey on earth ends! Let’s keep it written! I am all about this Writing Life...I believe we all have a story to tell and this is my version! I’m humbled that you get to read it. Take a seat and let’s hear from each other.

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