At last!!!!!!

mmmmhh….just seated here with lots of thoughts running through my mind as i write this!! I know this has been a long way coming but i can’t hold back my excitement. I am more than thrilled to finally be blogging..woop*woop and soon i will be counted among the most popular bloggers, least i hope so. Truthfully i love writing but sometimes i just don’t have the zeal…i like to look at myself as one of the people that pour their hearts out best when their minds/hearts are clouded by a wave of emotions. In other wards, my best pieces of writing are during moments when am extremely excited or very saaaaaadddd.

So simply put, writing for me is my way of expressing those deep thoughts and feelings at heart. I can’t say it’s something i do perfectly but oh well i know practice is the best path to perfection… going to get there!! I know you maybe wondering why i chose such a title ha ha and it’s not really reflected anywhere in my post… just soooooo happy to finally have a blog account, this is going to be a fun and awesome journey.

At laaaaaastttttttt…..yaaaaaayyyy,happy dance!!!

Published by: Dee Gash

My story...your story...our stories make up our history that will live on long even after our journey on earth ends! Let’s keep it written! I am all about this Writing Life...I believe we all have a story to tell and this is my version! I’m humbled that you get to read it. Take a seat and let’s hear from each other.

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